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Who Do We Help?

  • In Louisiana, 49% of the population is "low income" and 14.6% of the population is food insecure. In Tangipahoa, this statistic is even higher than the state average. Food insecurity is the USDA's way to measure lack of access, at times, to enough food for an active, healthy life for all household members. It also measures limited availability of nutritionally adequate food. Households that are food insecure are not necessarily in need all of the time, but food insecurity means the head of the house must decide between purchasing food, medicine, or nutritionally adequate foods.

  • Child nutrition continues to be a major focus throughout the United States. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that one in four children in Louisiana live in households struggling with hunger. In Tangipahoa parish, 74% of children in public elementary and middle schools live in poverty. Chronic hunger and food insecurity affect the educational performance and a child's ability to learn, which can have long term impacts on children. Hunger contributes to many health problems in both children and adults. We are actively pursuing opportunities to reduce hunger and to improve the overall health and nutrition of children.

  • Here in Tangipahoa food prices continue to rise as gas prices go up. Requests for food is still rising at the Tangi Food Pantry. We are so grateful to our many donors who have continued to be generous and think of their neighbors in need, which enables us to continue our mission of feeding hungry families.

  • Donating to the Tangi Food Pantry is easy, fun and will help so many families through difficult situations such as loss of a job, house fire, death in the family, serious illness of a breadwinner, becoming guardians for grandchildren or other family members, becoming caregivers for an older family member, as well as many other personal crises that can occur with no warning.

  • Tangi Food Panty
    Town & Country Plaza, 2410 W. Thomas St., Hammond, LA 70401.
    Call: (985) 429-8551 • E-mail: thetangifoodpantry@yahoo.com