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      Call the office at 985-429-8551 to learn more about volunteering. Our volunteer coordinator will get in touch with you and answer any questions. We are always thrilled to get new volunteers. We have 80 volunteers that work one day a month. If you are looking to volunteer, we have many wonderful ways that will match your abilities. This is a great way to give back to your community and a super way to make new friends. Our volunteers assist clients with paperwork, fill grocery bags, stock shelves, and distribute food to clients. There is always something that needs to be done. Our volunteers come from all walks of life. Ask any of them and they will tell you that they look forward to their afternoons at the Pantry. It gives them a chance to do something different and to touch base with their volunteering friends. During our afternoons at the pantry, there is a huge sense of camaraderie and teamwork among the volunteers. The time goes by quickly and it hardly feels like work.             
Tangi Food Panty
Town & Country Plaza, 2410 W. Thomas St., Hammond, LA 70401.
Call: (985) 429-8551 • E-mail: thetangifoodpantry@yahoo.com