International Journal of Applied Economics

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International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 8, Number 2, September 2011



Bidisha Mandal and Wen S. Chern

A Multilevel Approach to Model Obesity and Overweight in the U.S., pp. 1-17


Luke Willard

Trade Costs and Puzzles in International Macroeconomics, pp. 18-42


Yu Liu

The 2000 and 2008 Olympic Host Announcements and Chinese Stock Market Responses, pp. 43-62


Simone Juhasz Silva

How Do Exporters in a Middle-Income Country Choose their Markets?, pp. 63-85


Yu-Cheng Lai

The Effect of Overtime Working Hour Restrictions on Wages in Taiwan, ROC, pp. 86-106


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 8, Number 1, March 2011


Steven R. Eastaugh

Diversification in Response to Market Reform, pp. 1-16


Echu Liu, Te-Fen Lo, and Hsin-Ling Hsieh

Literacy and Health: Evidence from the

National Assessment of Adult Literacy, pp. 17-35


Mark P. Gius

The Prevalence of Obesity and Overweight Among

Young Adults: An Analysis Using the NLSY, pp. 36-45


Alex Baldwin, Michael Allgrunn and Raymond Ring

Does the Male-Female partition still apply to household labor supply?

pp. 46-54


Yatin Bhagwat and Marinus DeBruine

R&D and Advertising Efficiencies in the Pharmaceutical Industry,

pp. 55-65


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 7, Number 2, September 2010


Jack W. Hou and Xuemei Liu

Grain Policy: Rethinking an Old Issue for China, pp. 1-20


Steven B. Caudill and Franklin G. Mixon, Jr.

Legends of the Fall: A Historical Ranking System Using a

Logistic Transformation of Pairwise Comparisons, pp. 21-27


David L. Ortmeyer, Aaron L. Jackson, and Michael A. Quinn

The Ties that Bind: Colonies, Culture and Education among Immigrants, pp. 28-45


Wataru Johdo*

Tax Policy, Migration and Labor Productivity, pp. 46-55


Takamitsu Kurita
Econometric Modelling of the Interactions between Japan's

Housing Investment and GDP, pp. 56-71


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 7, Number 1, March 2010


Mark P. Gius

An Analysis of the Health Insurance Coverage of Young Adults,

pp. 1-17


Muhammad Shahbaz and Nuno Carlos Leitao

Intra-Industry Trade: The Pakistan Experience, pp. 18-27


Idil Uz

Bilateral Trade Elasticities Of Turkey, pp. 28-46


Osei-Agyeman Yeboah, Victor Ofori-Boadu and Henry Thompson

The Impact of a BSE Outbreak in a Specific Factors Model, pp. 47-57


John M. Kagochi and Curtis M. Jolly

R&D Investments, Human Capital, and the Competitiveness of Selected U.S. Agricultural Export Commodities, pp. 58-77


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 6, Number 2, September 2009


Andrea Beccarini

The Impact of Labour Market Partial Reforms on

Workers' Productivity: The Italian Case, pp. 1-9


Christos Floros

Long Memory in Milk Prices: Evidence from EU-15, pp. 10-20


Hakan Yilmazkuday

Productivity Cycles in Public and Private Manufacturing Sectors:

Evidence from Turkey, pp. 21-40


Wen-jen Hsieh

Study of the Behavior of the Indonesian Rupiah/US Dollar Exchange Rate and Policy Implications, pp. 41-50


ABM Nasir, Ashrafuddin Chowdhury, and Hosne Mridha

Do Trade Balances Adjust to Exchange Rate Shocks? Evidence

from Bilateral Trade of Bangladesh with G-5 Countries, pp. 51-69


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 6, Number 1, March 2009


Troy G. Schmitz, Andrew Schmitz, and James L. Seale, Jr.

The Optimal Byrd Tariff in Vertical Markets, pp. 1-10


Masanaga Kumakura

Trade, Production and International Business Cycle Comovement,

pp. 11-40


Gee San and Yi-Ju Chen

The Labor Quality Index and Changes in Labor's Factor Share

in Taiwan's Manufacturing Sector, pp.41-57


Donatella M. R. Cavagnoli and Liam J. A. Lenten

On the Relationship between Employment and Vacancies,

pp. 58-76


Ramaprasad Bhar and Shigeyuki Hamori

Growth Rate of Domestic Credit and Output: Evidence of the

Asymmetric Relationship between Japan and the United States,

pp. 77-89


Weshah A. Razzak

On the Dynamic of Search, Matching and Productivity

in New Zealand and Australia, pp. 90-118


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 5, Number 2, September 2008


Ai-ru (Meg) Cheng and Yin-Wong Cheung 

Return, Trading Volume, and Market Depth in

Currency Futures Markets, pp. 1-23


Richard J. Cebula and Alexis Brewer

The Cost/Benefit Voting Decision: The Influence of the Numbers of Statewide Legislative Referenda and Other Forms of Direct Democracy in the U.S., pp. 24-36


Luke Willard

Is Alan Greenspan a Bayesian? pp. 37-56


Hiro Lee and Dominique van der Mensbrugghe

Regional Integration, Sectoral Adjustments and

Natural Groupings in East Asia, pp. 57-79


Atanu Ghoshray

Asymmetric Adjustment of Rice Export Prices:

The Case of Thailand and Vietnam, pp. 80-91


Shannon M. Stare and James J. Jozefowicz

The Effects of Environmental Factors on Cancer Prevalence

Rates and Specific Cancer Mortality Rates in a Sample of

OECD Developed Countries, pp. 92-115


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 5, Number 1, March 2008


Bedia F. Aka and Patrice Pieretti

Consumer Price Index Dynamics in a Small Open Economy: A Structural Time Series Modeling for Luxembourg, pp. 1-13


Zelia Serrasqueiro and Paulo Macas Nunes

Determinants of Capital Structure: Comparison of Empirical Evidence from the Use of Different Estimators, pp. 14-29


Ramon A. Castillo-Ponce and Jorge Herrera Hernandez

Short-run Dynamics of the Price Level and External Exposure: Evidence from Mexico, pp. 30-47


Arusha Cooray and Bruce Felmingham

Are Australia's Savings and Investment Fractionally Cointegrated?

pp. 48-53


Islam Azzam

How Robust is the VAR-Based Expectation of the Federal Reserve Board (FRB/US) Model to Model-Selection Uncertainty? pp. 54-84


Abdul-Haque, Wang Shaoping, Oyang Hongping

Rational Speculative Bubbles in Chinese Stock Market, pp. 85-100



International Journal of Applied Economics
Volume 4, Number 2, September 2007


Richard J. Cebula and Garey C. Durden

Expected Benefits from Voting and Voter Turnout in the U.S.: The Role of Senate PAC Election Campaign Contributions, 1960-2004, pp. 1-16


Davide Furceri

From Currency Unions to a World Currency: A Possibility? pp. 17-32


Michael Getzner

Empirical Tests of the Political Economy of Regional State Aid, pp. 33-45


Ying Wu and Hong Yao

Labor Leasing, Direct Hiring, and Efficiency Wages, pp. 46-61


Hatem Samman and Sheikh Shahnawaz

Efficient Foreign Firms and the GATS in Developing Countries with Natural Resources, pp. 62-74


David T. Tswamuno, Scott Pardee, and Phanindra V. Wunnava

Financial Liberalization and Economic Growth: Lessons from the South African Experience, pp. 75-87



International Journal of Applied Economics

March 2007, Volume 4, Number 1


Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee and Artatrana Ratha

The Bilateral J-Curve: Sweden versus Her 17 Major Trading Partners, pp. 1-13


Britney Reddy and Sherrill Shaffer

Effects of the Federal Reserve's Primary Credit Program, pp. 14-27


Chu Ping Lo, K.C. Fung, Chelsea C. Lin, and Shih-Hsun Hsu

Exchange Rate and International Outsourcing: Would Chinese Yuan

Appreciate against U.S. Dollar? pp. 28-39


Helena Bohman and Desiree Nilsson

Income Inequality as a Determinant of Trade Flows, pp. 40-59


Petros Messis, George Iatridis, and George Blanas

CAPM and the Efficacy of Higher Moment CAPM in the Athens Stock Market: An Empirical Approach, pp. 60-75


Ellen Hui-Ru Chen , Khurshid M. Kiani, and Zagros Madjd-Sadjadi

Impact of Control Type on Firm Growth in Taiwan, pp. 76-84


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