International Journal of Applied Economics

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International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 17, Issue 2, September 2020


Neil R. Meredith, Trent N. Trahern, and Amy A. Meredith

Uninsured: A Look at Nonreceipt of the Measles, Mumps, and

Rubella Vaccine in Texas, pp. 1-29


Maritza Sotomayor and María del Rosío Barajas-Escamilla

Global Manufacturing Production: An Analysis and Determinants for

Mexico's Trade in Value-Added, pp. 30-49


Lula Mengesha

Do “meteor showers” matter more than “heat waves” in exchange rate

volatility of Australia and some of its Asian trading partners? pp. 50-65


Raymond H. Jenkins and Zulal S. Denaux

Money and its Effects on Winning Games in MLB, pp. 66-75


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 17, Issue 1, March 2020


Rashmita Basu

Cognition, Liquidity and Lapse of Long-Term Care Insurance:

Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study, pp. 1-30


Gerald P. W. Simons and Sebastian Linde

Using Patent Citations to Measure International Knowledge Spillovers

in the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry, pp. 31-38


Md Abdul Wadud

Does Matching Help Assessing the Impact of Microcredit on Farm

Efficiency: Evidence from Bangladesh, pp. 39-47


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 16, Number 2, September 2019


Michel-Pierre Chélini and Georges Prat

Understanding the Long Run Dynamics of

French Unemployment and Wages, pp. 1-35


Amelia Biehl and Christopher Douglas

The Impact of the Flint Water Crisis on

Restaurant Employment, pp. 36-42


Mark Gius

Self-Protective Behaviors in the United States:

Results from a Recent Survey, pp. 43-54


Jia Yu

Attention on Adolescent Mental Disorders:

The Long-Term Effects on Labor Market Outcomes, pp. 55-68


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 16, Number 1, March 2019


Louie Ren and Peter Ren

Mean or Median for Log-normally Distributed Time Series

in Economics and Finance, pp. 1-6


Paulo Matos and Fernando Veiga

On the Shadow Economy in Latin America, pp. 7-21


Abidemi Abiola

Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria:

A Structural VAR Approach, pp. 22-37


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 15, Number 2, September 2018


Bidisha Mandal

Differential Effects of Center and Non-Center Childcare on

Early Learning Outcomes, pp. 1-22


L. Brooke Conaway and Kelly M. Lee

The Age Rating Impact on Consumer Video Game Choices, pp. 23-41


Valerien O. Pede, Gustavo A. Barboza, Harold Glenn A. Valera, 

Justin D. McKinley,  Andrew M. McKenzie,  and Mohammad J. Alam

Nonlinearities in Rice Price Dynamics in the Philippines:

Evidence from a Smooth Transition Autoregressive (STAR) Approach


Marwan Alzoubi and Hamad Kasasbeh

Budget Deficit and Crowding-Out Effect: The Case of Jordan


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 15, Number 1, March 2018


Galin Todorov

Trend and Cycle Integration of World Output, pp. 1-23


Bonu Sengupta and Robert H. Jantzen

Does Broken Windows Policing Reduce Felony Crime? pp. 24-41


Ehsan Latif

Does Income Inequality Impact Individual Happiness? Evidence from Canada,

pp. 42-79


Joseph G. Eisenhauer

Pushing the Limits: Differential Calculus and Preference Measurement with Large Risks, pp. 80-98


Christopher Andresen, Qin Fan, and Beng Soo Ong

The Effects of Water Use on Economic Growth: Investigating California’s

Surface and Ground Water Use, pp. 99-111


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 14, Number 2, September 2017


Lula G. Mengesha, Xin Shen and Steven Lim

Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanisms of Dollarized versus Non-Dollarized Economies, pp. 1-18


Dengjun Zhang, Jinghua Xie, Ermanno Affuso

An Efficiency and Productivity Analysis of the Agricultural Sector in Alabama, pp. 19-36


Kalyan Chakraborty and Richard K. Harper

Dynamic Productivity Analysis of Insurance Firms - The Effect of Firm-Specific and Macroeconomic Characteristics, pp. 37-55


Zhuo Tao, Xihui Zhang, and Keith D. Malone

Talent Capital on Economic Growth: A Tale of a Chinese Megalopolis, pp. 56-70


Nattaya Prapaipanich

An Exploratory Study of the Relationship between

Organic Products and Individuals’ Subjective Well-being, pp. 71-87


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 14, Number 1, March 2017


Amarendra Sharma and Abigail Carr

Food Insecurity and Standardized Test Scores, pp. 1-12


Gerald P. W. Simons and Paul N. Isely

The Effect of Global Competition on Innovation in the Semiconductor Industry, pp. 13-18


Paulo Matos, Glaylson Sampaio and Lucas de Castro

How Important is Forward-Looking Behavior in Brazilian Sectorial Indices Risk Premium? pp. 19-36


Evrim Turgutlu

Testing the Nonlinear Relationship Between Market Concentration and Advertising:  Evidence from Turkish Banking Industry, pp. 37-44


Tingting Wu, Paul J. Thomassin, and Kakali Mukhopadhyay

Using H-O-V Theorem to Predict the Factor Intensities in Canadian

Agricultural Trade, pp. 45-65


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 13, Number 2, September 2016


K.C. Fung and Chelsea C. Lin

Outsourcing as an Evolutionary Game, pp. 1-18


Joseph G. Eisenhauer

Cardinal Sins: Utility Specification and the Measurement

of Risk Aversion, pp. 19-29


Mark Gius

The Effects of Occupational Licensing on Wages:

A State-Level Analysis, pp. 30-45


Srimoyee Bose, Tesfa G. Gebremedhin,and Usha Sambamoorthi

State-level Variations in Healthcare financing in the United State,

pp. 46-73


Julia Pannicke

Media Bias in Womens Magazines:

Do Advertisements Influence Editorial Contents?, pp. 74-93


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 13, Number 1, March 2016


Richard J. Cebula, Fiorentina Angjellari-Dajci, and Fabrizio Rossi

The Disenfranchisement/Enfranchisement Voter Participation Rate Hypothesis: Preliminary Analysis, pp. 1-14


Maria Gabriela Ladua and Marta Meleddub

Productivity, Wage and Inflation Relationship for a Sample of Developed Countries: New Evidence from Panel Cointegration Tests with Multiple Structural Breaks, pp. 15-31


Jon Nadenichek

A Cross-Country Test of Ricardian Equivalence and the Twin Deficits Hypothesis, pp. 32-42


Amr Sadek Hosny

What is the Central Bank of Egypts Implicit Inflation Target?

pp. 43-56



Environmental Quality and its Human Health Effects: A Causal Analysis for the EU-25, pp. 57-71


Lalitagauri Kulkarni

Health Inputs, Health Outcomes and Public Health Expenditure: Evidence from the BRICS Countries, PP. 72-84


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 12, Number 2, September 2015


Markus Hertrich

Does Credit Risk Impact Liquidity Risk? Evidence from

Credit Default Swap Markets, pp. 1-46


Christophe Boya and Julien Malizard

Extreme Political Views and Determinants of Popularity, pp. 47-70


Wen-jen Hsieh

Bank Lending and Monetary Policy Transmission in Greece and

Policy Implications, pp. 71-79


Ali Abcha

Imperfect Competition, Government Spending and

Estimated Markup, pp. 80-103


Li-Ju Chen and Yen-Ling Lin

Does Air Pollution Respond to Petroleum Price?, pp. 104-125


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 12, Number 1, March 2015


Richard J. Cebula

On the Nominal Interest Rate Yield Response to Net Government Borrowing in the U.S.: GLM Estimates, 1972-2012, pp. 1-14


Dina Shatnawi

The Online Professional Social Network: Further Understanding the

Relationship between Contacts and Labor Market Outcomes, pp. 15-50


Tsuyoshi Sasaki

Heckscher-Ohlin Model with Assignment Problem with

Skilled and Unskilled Labor, pp. 51-79


Rashmita Basu

Lasting Impacts of Childhood Health and Socioeconomic Circumstances on Adult Health Problems: Analysis of a Longitudinal Count Regression Model, pp. 80-97


Donatella Cavagnoli

Does Students Behaviour Reflect a Good Proxy for the Behaviour of the Population? Evidence from New Zealand, pp. 98-107


Panos Fousekis

Spatial Price Transmission in Major EU Pigmeat Markets:

An Empirical Investigation with a Non Parametric Approach,

pp. 108-122


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 11, Number 2, September 2014


Walter Enders and Yu Liu

Inflation Revisited: New Evidence from

Modified Unit Root Tests, pp. 1-9


Scott W. Hegerty

Output Volatility in Latin America: Evidence from

a Multivariate GARCH Model, pp. 10-18


Osman Kilic, Surya Chelikani, Thomas Coe

Financial Crisis and Contagion: The Effects of the 2008

Financial Crisis on the Turkish Financial Sector, pp. 19-37


Panagiotis Pegkas

The Link between Educational Levels and Economic Growth:

A Neoclassical Approach for the Case of Greece, pp. 38-54


Evrim Turgutlu

Current Account Balance Implications of Consumer Loans:

The Case of Turkey, pp. 55-64


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 11, Number 1, March 2014


Hai Fang, Qingyue Meng, and John A Rizzo

Do Different Health Insurance Plans in China Create Disparities

in Health Care Utilization and Expenditures? pp. 1-18


Donatella Cavagnoli

What determines Paid Parental Leave Provisions in

Collective Agreements in New Zealand?, pp. 19-38


Onur Burak Celik and Mark Gius

Estimating the Determinants of Summer Olympic Game Performance, pp. 39-47


Fatima S. Lekhe, Lamya B. Islam, Silvia Z. Islam, and

Aysha Akter

Giffen Behavior for Rice Consumption in Rural Bangladesh, pp. 48-59


Hong Chen and Baljeet Singh

Foreign Aid and Labor Productivity in Fiji: An Empirical Investigation within an Endogenous Production Framework, pp. 60-77


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 10, Number 2, September 2013


Anna Bottasso, Gabriele Cardullo, Maurizio Conti

Labor Market Deregulation and Wage Dispersion: Does Product

Market Competition Matter? The case of the EU Electricity Industry, pp. 1-9


Bernard Walley and Matthew Cushing

Development Aid and Foreign R&D Spillovers in

Sub-Saharan Africa, pp. 10-31


Li-Ju Chen

Do Female Politicians Influence Public Spending?

Evidence from Taiwan, pp. 32-51


Faqin Lin and Hsiao Chink Tang

Exporting and Innovation: Theory and Firm-Level

Evidence from the People’s Republic of China, pp. 52-76


Monir Uddin Ahmed, Moniruzzaman Muzib and Amit Roy

Price-Wage Spiral in Bangladesh: Evidence from

ARDL Bound Testing Approach, pp. 77-103


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 10, Number 1, March 2013


Hong Liu, Fang Hai and John A. Rizzo

HMOs and Patient Trust in Physicians: A Longitudinal Study, pp. 1-21


Richard Cebula

An Exploratory Panel Data Analysis of Impacts of Cigarette Excise Taxes and Statewide Bans on Cigarette Consumption, pp.22-28


Hong Zhuang and David Griffith

The Effect of Mergers & Acquisitions and Greenfield FDI

on Income Inequality, pp.29-38


Dayal Talukder and Love Chile

Determinants of Growth in Consumption of Rural Household in Bangladesh: A Regression Analysis, pp. 39-63


Andreas Sachs and Frauke Schleer

Labour Market Institutions and Structural Reforms:

A Source for Business Cycle Synchronization? PP. 64-83


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 9, Number 2, September 2012


George L. Wehby and Muzhe Yang

Depression, Antidepressant Use and Weight Gain, pp. 1-38


Jon Nadenichek

The S-Curve Revisited: The Terms, Volume and

Balance of Trade over the Business Cycle, pp. 39-57


Adam J. Grossberg and Paul Sicilian

Relative Pay and Benefits in the Nonprofit Sector, pp. 58-72


Chien-Chen Chen, Chiang-Ping Chen, and Ching-Yi Yeh

Technological and Economic Indicators on Software Piracy

in OECD Countries, pp. 73-82


Maganga M. Assa, Abdi-Khalil Edriss, and Greenwell C. Matchaya

Unexploited Profit among Smallholder Farmers in Central Malawi:

What are the Sources?, pp. 83-95


International Journal of Applied Economics

Volume 9, Number 1, March 2012


Steven B. Caudill and Franklin G. Mixon, Jr.

Human Capital Investment and the Internment of Japanese

Americans during WWII: A Public Choice Approach, pp. 1-14


Mehmet E. Yaya and Xiaoxia Lu

The Short-Run Relationship between Real Effective

Exchange Rate and Balance of Trade in China, pp. 15-27


Mark P. Gius

The Effect of the No Child Left Behind Act on Per-Student Public Education Expenditures at the State Level, pp. 28-40


Senarath Lalithananda Seelanatha

Drivers of Technical Efficiency of Sri Lankan Commercial Banks,

pp. 41-58


Huy, Vu Quang

Determinants of Educational Expenditure in Vietnam, pp. 59-72